Jenny Reyes

Jenny Reyes

Personal Trainer
Trainer Bio

At a young age I knew that I had to challenge the “pattern of thinking” I had learned and formed.  Somehow I knew that this was where the change would have to begin.  I wanted to believe in a better future filled with health and energy.  The desire I had was to enjoy life, not to “just get through it.”  With the majority of my family suffering from obesity and surgeries, I was told I was doomed for the same.  People would tell me that, “it didn’t matter what I did, that we were just that way.” They would say that it was genetic.

I chose to “crave” sports and exercise instead of grease.  I learned to “delight” in the endorphins that would result from a good workout instead of the occasional binge. 

Over the years, through sports and team workouts, I realized I had a positive effect on people by encouraging them to push their limits both physically and mentally and achieve their goals.  It was comical to receive awards every tournament for the “most encouraging” and I would hide my plaques.  I thought it was a joke, but now I’ve come to understand my gift.  It is an awesome experience to come alongside someone and be an instrument of both physical and spiritual transformation.  Witnessing someone living out the abundant life is such a blessing. 

I have always enjoyed the benefits of exercise.  I worked out through my 3 pregnancies till the end.  Exercise also gave me the energy and much needed joy to get through oncological surgery and radiation treatments for cancer.  I had to show up at the gym for 2 months with crutches, but I didn’t care.  I truly believe it is worth it to push through the pain for the quick recoveries you are able to attain during these changes and challenges in life.

Apart from training and being a fitness instructor, I have enjoyed 24 years on the mission field; practiced massage therapy for 13 years and worked as a doula (a birth assistant).  I enjoy trying to do well pretty much whatever the occasion calls to the glory of God. I try to live in the truth of living my life knowing that God created me for his purpose, will and pleasure.