Andrea Taylor

Personal Trainer/Owner
Trainer Bio

I worked out every night at the same time and it was there that I met the most important person in my life, my husband. We started working out together and he taught me how to lift weights. After about 8 months I reached a comfortable and healthy weight; I had completely changed my lifestyle and loved every bit of how I looked and felt. We became great friends with one of the trainers and he pushed me to get certified.

Since then I have enjoyed making people grunt, groan, cry & hurl. What’s funny is that they always come back for more! I love the smell of a gym. I love seeing a person at the brink of exhaustion and the surprised look they have when they make it through what they thought would kill them! I love being a part of a change in a person’s lifestyle. I love when my clients cuss at me and call me names because that’s when I know I’m doing my job. I love the relationships I build with my clients and I love that they love me in the end.