Return / Cancellation Policy

Although we do not offer refunds, we are happy to suspend your membership for 30 days with no charge, and $15 per month thereafter, for up to 6 months.  We are also happy to transfer memberships for the remainder of the contract at no additional charge.
If you find that you are not able to fulfill your contract obligation time period, we offer an easy and fair early-termination policy.  We will simply charge the difference between the long and short term pricing your received.  Longer term contracts receive price breaks, if you cancel before you’ve been billed every month in your contract, the fee will only be the difference between what the shorter term price is and the discounted price you received
***COVID-19 Policy***
Because we are offering online training throughout this time, we will not automatically suspend your account.  If you need to suspend your account until the mandates are lifted please call/email us and we will review each account on a case by case basis.