Butts & Guts

Monday’s focus on growing the booty and Thursday’s focus on upper body strength and sculpting.  Workouts change every month so you’re able to see your progress at the end of each month.

Boot Camp

If you want to get a great full body workout, and learn weightlifting as well as functional exercises, then this is your class.  Each class is designed to work your entire body through a series of different exercises incorporating weights, medicine balls, tires, ropes and also using your body as […]

Kickboxing Boxing

Learn boxing basics and work up to 12 rounds of boxing eachother! Great full body workout! Gloves provided if you don’t own any.


Have you ever noticed those people in the gym that walk out of a room, looking like they are soaking wet? They most likely just got finished with a spinning class. There are so many benefits to spin and the only thing you have to lose is calories…and lots of […]