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Today we celebrated the amazing transformations that have happened at A Taylored Body. Our clients have really stepped up to the plate and have made huge progress towards their goals. At our Transformation Challenge and 4th Anniversary celebration, guests were able to unwind, eat some tacos and cake and celebrate our winners.


1st place: Yvonne (pictured third from left)

2nd place: Pam (pictured second from right)

3rd place: Bill (pictured far left)

A New Award

We also announced a new award this year, an Inspiration Award. This award was dedicated to those who have overcome huge obstacles, like cancer, while taking the step to build a healthier and stronger lifestyle.

Last year one of our clients, Denise Bianco, found out she had cancer while participating in the 2015 Transformation Challenge. Battling all that that comes with a diagnosis, she was still able to complete the challenge. It was a huge inspiration. We understand how hard it can be to go to they gym and work hard when you are not feeling great. To those who do, you are our inspiration. Because we did not award an Inspiration Award last year, our new Inspiration Award will be entitled the “Denise Bianco Inspiration Award.”

Our first recipient was announced at theTransformation Challenge and 4th Anniversary celebration, Jessica (not pictured here).

Congratulations Jessica, Bill, Pam, Yvonne, and everyone else who has something to celebrate at A Taylored Body! We cannot wait to be apart of whatever comes next!

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